The results are in

Written 27 May 2018 13:51

After three well played and exiting games we can summarize that the winners of Lennart Johansson Academy Trophy 2018 are:

B04: FC Barcelona

G04: Atletico de Madrid

B05: Atletico de Madrid

All in all we had a tremendous tournament this year with over seventy matches of highest quality. The biggest questions is if we will get to see such promising attacking football during the world cup later this summer?

We would like to thank all the participating teams and the referees and also a special thank you to everyone who has joined us to follow the tournament at Skytteholms IP in Solna or through Solid Sport and Social Media.

Also a special thank you to all the personel who has made this tournament possible once again. Now on to next years tournament.

Welcome in 2019!

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Written 26 May 2018 12:14
A few hours in to day two of Lennart Johansson Academy Trophy 2018. The first day was a hot one at a truly uniqe tournament, including higlights such as the opening ceremony with Focus Dace Crew and Maja Larsson performing the national anthem. After the opening ceremony the game between AIK and Barcelona took place, a display of a flairful playing style from the spanish side. Throughout the da... Read more