Lennart Johansson Memorial Trophy!

Welcome to the 2020 edition of Lennart Johansson Academy Trophy, an international tournament for european teams in class Boys 13, 14 and Girls 14.

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Lennart Johansson Academy Trophy 2020
City: Braga
Country: Portugal
Date: 4th June – 7th June, 2020
Class: Boys -07, Boys -06 and Girls -06

With 30 participating teams, Braga will be the place to see coming stars of European football!

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Lennart Johansson Academy Trophy follows the "Policy and guidelines for tournaments in AIK".
The tournament shall promote and be characterized by Fair Play and the equal value of all human beings.
Lennart Johansson Academy Trophy shall be managed from a children's rights perspective, and follows the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.
The event will be carried out in line with the basic values of AIK, AIK Stilen.