Fair Play Corner

Written 16 February 2018 14:50

A secure environment for you and your child!
Football tournaments are often the highpoint of the year for most young girls and boys.
The nervousness, the expectation and the joy of together with their peers being involved in tough, fun games while sharing all the wonderful emotions attached to youth football.
A tournament is an experience our children may carry with them for a long time and maybe it is just this tournament that they carry for the rest of their lives. So, let's together make it a nice memory that they can gladly take with them and remember.

How we behave towards each other has a strong influence on what we get out of both life and from playing football. We want to develop secure and strong people in an environment that promotes enjoyment and allows young people to be who they are. We know that this approach can facilitate the emergence of better people for our society and even better footballer’s. Working with human values and athlete development together does not mean that one takes away from the other. Together they create success and help us too define success in broader terms.

At our tournament, this is at the top of our agenda.

There are many people gathered in the same place, constantly interacting. There are feelings and emotions from players, leaders and parents. We all need to think about what we say and how we say it. Especially in the heat of competition.

This is where the Fair Play Corner comes in.
The Fair Play Corner will be a safe zone. A place where your players, leaders, referees, officials, and of course parents can turn to if they have seen or experienced something on or off the pitch that they consider to be wrong or worrying, or just want to ask questions.

Our goal is to contribute to a positive atmosphere on, alongside and around the football pitch. We want this tournament to become a great memory filled with joy.

So, let's make sure that this happens. Let us together help our children experience the beauty of the sport that is football, the beauty of team sports, but above all and most important:

That they have fun together with their teammates.

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