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A secure environment for you and your child! Football tournaments are often the highpoint of the year for most young girls and boys. The nervousness, the expectation and the joy of together with their peers being involved in tough, fun games while sharing all the wonderful emotions attached to youth football. A tournament is an experience our children may carry with them for a long time and ma... Read more

Lennart Johansson Academy Trophy!

Welcome to the 2018 edition of Lennart Johansson Academy Trophy, an international tournament for european teams in class Boys 13, 14 and Girls 14.

“…Talents of today - Stars of tomorrow…”

Lennart Johansson Academy Trophy 2018
City: Solna
Country: Sweden
Place: Skytteholms IP
Date: 25th May – 27th May, 2018
Class: Boys -05, Boys -04 and Girls -04

With 30 participating teams, Solna will be the place to see coming stars of European football!

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